Alizée Jacotey est très sexy

alizee jacotey 15 1024x676

Oooh la la, the French strike again. This time it’s in the face of singer Alizée Jacotey, or Alizee for short (which is the feminine form of alizé, meaning trade wind). She’s basically France’s version of a Britney Spears or a Christina Aguilera (with hopefully less skank), and her most successful single to date has been “Moi… Lolita”. She’s drawn some criticism in her homeland for “desperately trying to be sexy”, and has marketed herself as a seductive Lolita. I guess she knows that sex sells. She has released four albums to date and it’s not difficult to see why she is so popular, just check out her dance moves :

Yeah, we could watch that all day too.