Alina Karasavva : Gunaxin Girl

Alina Karasavva

Alina Karasavva (IMDB) is a model who hails from Greece but sports a Russian name, and her exotic looks make it hard to pinpoint her nationality. With a Master’s Degree in Economics from Coventry University and a brilliant career in marketing, she invaded the world of fashion in the early 2000s. She won beauty pageants and modeled in some of the biggest fashion shows in Paris, Milan, Berlin, Athens, and New York. She also played guest roles in blockbusters from Greece and Italy before returning to her original profession and disappearing from the world of fashion and lights.

What makes Alina even more special is that she’s actually a fan of Gunaxin, so if you’re lucky enough, and pay attention, you might see her comments on some of our articles. How and when she became a fan is a mystery, as is her career a mystery for the most part. Luckily, she left a fortune in glorious photos before she stepped away from the camera.