Alice Eve is Out of Your League

eve 16 560x371
In the new film “She’s Out of My League,” Jay Baruchel learns what most of us already knew: Alice Eve is out of his league.  But to be fair to Jay, Alice Eve is out of, well, pretty much everyone’s league.  That’s because on a scale of 1-10, she’s about a 25.

The London born 28-year-old is the daughter of two British actors, so it’s not exactly surprising that she followed in their footsteps.  What is a little more surprising is that it’s taken her this long to make a splash in the US, with her role in “League” and the upcoming “Sex in the City 2” finally letting us Americans discover this insanely hot British blonde bombshell.  Er, not that we’re going to be seeing “Sex in the City 2,” of course.  Because that would be super gay.

Let’s look at some sexy photos of Alice Eve to confirm our manliness: