Alexis D’Augusto: Sexy Superfan

AlexisDAugusto 21 560x373

For the past few years, beautiful women are becoming a bigger part of sports. Not only are the female athletes improving, the fans are too, and not just the average bandwagon female fan. I am talking about the superfans that put being beautiful aside to show off her team pride.

The sexiest example we could find is Alexis D’Augusto (Twitter), a bonafide twelve on the 1-10 hotness scale. She is more than just a superfan, she is a sports fan in general. She started off a Miami Dolphins cheerleader then moved onto to the NHL where she picked up a gig with the Florida Panthers. Some people don’t like her, but those people belong in a room with no doors.

She has been spotted wearing Miami Heat, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, New York Yankees, FAU, and Alabama gear so watch out. She might make her way to your town for some sexy sports gear.