A Day Without Megan Fox?

Megan Fox 560x284

Don't look, she's hideous!

In case you haven’t been made aware (unlikely), Asylum has declared today, ‘A Day without Megan Fox’, and has been joined by many Men’s Entertainment sites on the web. In doing so, they actually brought more attention to Fox, then she would typically receive on any given day, and of course much attention upon themselves (which may have been the real intent). So when we heard about this idea, our first thought was to go opposite, and post as much Megan Fox content as possible (just to be assholes really). However when it appeared that some others were going to do that, we instead just decided we would step back, and cover the coverage (or lack thereof). Honestly, we don’t typically have much Megan Fox content on any given day, so this is probably more than we have had in awhile. (going for world record of parenthesis included in one paragraph)

We’ll start with the pioneers, our friends at Asylum, who have decided to replace their Megan Fox coverage with a large dose of Betty White. Reminds us a bit of our Gilda Radner gag for April Fool’s Day, but we digress.

  • Asylum Celebrates Betty White
  • Betty White Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Who Was Your Favorite Golden Girl?
  • Betty White Trash Talks Shatner
Betty White 560x351

A real woman!

They were joined in Betty White admiration by The Bachelor Guy, Yep Yep, on 205th, Banned in Hollywood, Whip it out Comedy, and others I am sure. Apparently the folks at Just a Guy Thing failed to receive the memo, and decided to go a bit younger, selecting Olivia Munn instead.

The good folks at AskMen saw their day of No Megan Fox coming, and they prepared early, blowing their load of content the day before:

Of course they are respecting the ban, so if you attempt to view any Megan Fox articles on AskMen.com today, you will receive the following video as a pop-up (pure evil) :

Megan 201x300Many more sites however decided to ignore the ban, or even increase their Megan Fox coverage considerably. Check out this bevy of Megan Fox coverage that attempts to fill your void:

So there you have it, your wrap-up of ‘A Day without Megan Fox’. We’re not going to provide any links to our own Megan Fox content out of respect for this holiday, but if some happen to appear in the related posts widget below, we wouldn’t stop you from clicking on them.