The 40 Hottest NBA Wags

Whitney Wonnacot 560x314October is the greatest month of the year. Outside of the beautiful weather, October brings us Halloween and all the women dressing up like their favorite stripper. It is a month of letting loose and having fun. We just love October.

But October isn’t just about Halloween, it is also the greatest month for sports. Football is in full swing, and the beginning of the month ushers in the start of the NHL season. Of course you also have the MLB playoffs and World Series. Finally the month ends with the start of another NBA season. And this season should be as exciting as any we have ever witnessed.
Basketball WivesLebron James is returning to lead the Miami Heat to hopefully a third consecutive title, the Pelicans of NOLA have built a roster worth watching, and Brooklyn decided they wanted to sign everyone. This season is going to be awesome, and it tips off on Tuesday night. So let’s kick start the action with a list of the hottest, sexiest, and most beautiful wives and girlfriends of these NBA stars, the 40 hottest WAGs of the NBA.

40. Keyshia Cole – Daniel Gibson

40 keyshia cole daniel gibson 560x740

39. Alexis Welch – Amare Stoudemire

39 alexis welch amare 560x451

38. Whitney Fredette – Jimmer Fredette

38 whitney fredette 560x633

37. Monica Wright – Kevin Durant

37 monica wright KD 560x560

36. Brandi Garnett – Kevin Garnett

36 brandi garnett 560x836

35. Lauren Holiday – Jrue Holiday

35 lauren cheney Jrue 560x399

34. Bre Ladd – Luke Walton

34 bre ladd luke walton

33. Leia Sergakis – Kosta Koufos

33 Leia Sergakis kosta koufos 560x840

32. Elise Esposito – C.j. McCollum

32 elise esposito cj mccolum

31. Adrienne Williams – Chris Bosh

31 Adrienne Williams bosh 560x840

30. Christine Vest – Dwight Howard (Ex)

30 christine vest dwight 560x420

29. Chelsea Redick – J.J. Redick

29 chelsea redick

28. Malaysia Pargo – Jannero Pargo

28 malaysia pargo 560x762

27. Kyra Chaos – James Harden

27 kyra chaos harden 560x762

26. Lisette Gadzuric – Dan Gadzuric

26 Lisette Gadzuric dan gad 560x560

25. Lindsay Davis – Omer Asik

25 lindsay davis omer 560x588

24. Michelle Udrih – Beno Udrih

24 michelle udrih 560x848

23.Keri Hilson – Serge Ibaka

23 keri hilson ibaka 560x349

22. Kolbi Killingback – Gordon Hayward

22 Kolbi Killingback hayward 560x560

21. Samara Felippo – Leandro Barbosa

21 samara felippo barbosa

20. Royce Reed – Dwight Howard (Ex)

20 royce reed dwight 560x843

19. Nikki Sapp – Erik Spolestra

19 Nikki Sapp Erik Spolestra 560x545

18. Rosa Acosta – John Wall

18 Rosa Acosta john wall 560x756

17. Masha Kirilenko – Andrei Kirilenko

17 Masha Kirilenko 560x732

16. Savannah Brinson – Lebron James

16 savannah brinson LBJ 560x560

15. Jennette McCurdy – Andre Drummond

15 jennette mccurdy drummond 560x746

14. Meghan Allen – Devin Harris

14 Meghan Allen devin harris 560x840

13. Sabina Gadecki – David Lee

13 sabina gadecki david lee 560x839

12. Brittany Richardson – Steve Nash

12 Brittany Richardson nash

11. Gina Antoniello – Spencer Hawes

11 Gina Antoniello spencer hawes 560x839

10. Ashley Logan – Tyreke Evans

10 ashley logan tyreke evans 560x720

9. Gloria Govan – Matt Barnes

9 gloria govan barnes 560x560

8. Vanessa Bryant – Kobe Bryant

8 Vanessa Bryant 560x709

7. Amelia Vega – Al Horford

7 amelia vega horford 560x859

6. Hope Alexa – Dwight Howard (Ex)

6 hope alexa dwight 560x556

5. LaLa – Carmelo Anthony

5 LaLa 560x560

4. Zuleyka Rivera – JJ Barea

4 zuleyka rivera jj 560x373

3. Gabrielle Union – Dwyane Wade

3 Gabrielle Union Wade 560x738

2. Nawal Ayoub – Andrea Bargnani

2 Nawal Ayoub barnagni 560x671

1. Elaine Alden – Landry Fields

1 elaine alden landry fields 560x795

0. Adriana Lima – Marko Jaric

Jaric was in camp with Brooklyn this fall, but was waived on October 15th. Still, Lima is so hot, we thought she deserved an honorable mention, and you wouldn’t mind seeing her photo (which links to a hot gallery). You’re welcome.

Adriana Lima WAG 560x754