31 Days to Better Game with Women Challenge

Our friends over at TSB Magazine have done a pretty solid job of establishing themselves as one of the go to sources on the internet for advice on dating. We normally don’t tackle that topic here at Gunaxin, but we understand there is a great need for the information amongst our audience. That is why we’d like to point you in the direction of TSB, in order to get some great information like, “How to Flirt with a Girl.” where they reveal 20 Signs a Girl Likes You :

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Their latest endeavor is the “31 Days to Better Game with Women Challenge.” Its a series of daily emails over the course of 31 days that gives guys daily lessons on how to meet and attract more women. It’s completely free, and relatively painless for you. Just read their daily emails and follow along. They’ll cover topics like :

  • how to talk to girls
  • what to text message
  • how to use Facebook to meet women
  • how to get better in bed
  • how to keep a girl interested
  • how to stop being the “nice” guy
It seems like a no-brainer to me, give them your email address and at least give it a shot. In addition to those topics, they’ll reveal something that would have been helpful to me many times during my dating years : An “evil scheme” for getting out of the friend zone with a woman… and have her think it was her idea.