Super Bowl XLVII Cheerleaders : Ravens vs. 49ers

Feature Image SB Cheerleaders 560x227Super Bowl XLVII is nearly here, and all the pundits have discussed the game from nearly every angle. Granted they will continue to do so right up until game time, but at this point there isn’t much left to say. The only thing left to do is let Baltimore and San Francisco settle it on the field… in a cheer off! Yep, bring it on Cheerleading fans, because we have 60 photos of each squad for you to decide which team has the advantage. Browse the galleries below and let us know who you think has the hotter cheerleaders, the Baltimore Ravens, or the San Francisco 49ers.

The Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

Ravens Cheerleaders 560x205

The San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders

49ers Cheerleaders 560x205