The 20 Sexiest Halloween Costume Ideas of 2015

Avengers 560x280Halloween is our favorite time of the year. It marks the start of Fall, and all that beautiful weather that comes with it, but also it is the one time each year we are legally allowed to scare one another without facing criminal charges.

This is also the time of year that almost every single adult female goes out and purchases the sexiest, skimpiest, most inappropriate Halloween costume available. When we say inappropriate, we do not mean slutty. We mean bad taste like in 2014 when someone was selling the sexy Ebola patient costume. What?

Since the makers of these costumes have no plans on stopping anytime soon, we might as well join them on this venture and give the credit where it is due, to the ladies. Not just any ladies, the ones that go out and dress in the sexy costumes just because they can. Those are our favorites. How about we take a few minutes to enjoy the Sexiest Costumes of the 2015 Halloween season before it is too late?

20. Wolves

20. Wolf 560x560

Game of Thrones was part of the wolf craze over the past few years but the true reason women love dressing up like sexy little wolves is from a story we all remember about a little girl with a red hood.

19. Jem

19. Jem 560x747

In the early 80’s, Jem was one of the most popular cartoons of its time and has grown a cult-like fan base over the years. For the first time ever, Jem has been made into a live-action movie set to premiere October 23rd. That is about the most perfect timing they could have planned with Halloween around the corner. The costume is also giving ladies a chance to go back in time and bring back a lot of the vintage looks of the 80’s.

18. Spider-Woman

18. Spider Woman 560x560

Whether or not Marvel plans on making a Spider-Woman movie, that has very little to do with the creativeness we are already seeing from ladies all across the country. If you have been to a Comic-Con this year then you might have already seen plenty of the red and black jumpsuits. The tighter the costume, the more chances we are going to see it on Halloween night.

17. Little Red Riding Hood

17. Little Red Riding Hood 560x350

Just like the Wolves became popular for the women that love a little more makeup during Halloween, Little Red Riding Hood is too. Although the story is disturbing to say the least, the costumes are not. The sexy red skirt with the innocent looking hood gives for a night of fun for any Halloween guest.

16. Queen of Hearts

16. Queen of Hearts 560x904

A woman in power is sexy. But a crazy woman in power dressed in all red, screaming and hollering at her loyal subjects about painting roses is even sexier. It sounds ugly, but here is a good example to solidify our point.

15. Zombies

15. Zombie 560x350

As long as The Walking Dead breaks records and continues to excel on AMC, women will want to dress up as zombie’s and dudes, well, we will not be complaining anytime soon.

14. Flapper Girls

14. Flapper Girl 560x771

Flapper girls are women in the 1920’s that would go out partying, listen to different music, and basically, have all the boys chasing them around. They were fun and exciting to be around so it is only natural to have a sexy costume out of it.

13. Daenerys (Game of Thrones)

13. Daenerys GoT

Is Jon Snow really dead?

12. Super Mario Bros.

12. Super Mario Bros

When Super Mario Maker was released, everyone raced to try it out. But then we, just like everyone else, realized that making your own Mario Bros game is about as fun as trying to reach the secret levels without using a feather.

11. Alice in Wonderland

11. Alice 560x560

Alice in Wonderland can be sexy. It has been one of the most popular sexy costumes for ten years, you don’t honestly think it will fall from the rankings because of a new Star Wars movie do you?

10. Wonder Woman

10. Wonder Woman 560x560

The movie is almost here. The wait is just about over. Wonder Woman on the big screen is finally happening. Well, in 2017. But at least she will be in the next Batman in 2016 first.

9. Minnie Mouse

9. Minnie Mouse 560x480

Disney is always making things popular. Anything Disney touches is an instant trend among women, girls, and even some guys. Through all of it, however, there is one constant, and that is Minnie Mouse. She has been there the longest and she remains one of their most popular selling costumes ever.

8. Catwoman

8. Catwoman 560x560

The tight leather bodysuits combined with the masks and tails makes for a guaranteed sexy outfit on Halloween night. What is more fun than dressing up like a cat with a tail?

7. Darth Vader

7. Darth Vader 560x896

The hardest costume to describe is a sexy Darth Vader costume. For one, it is a man in a mask and cape covering his entire body, not a woman. But do not ever underestimate the power of sex appeal as plenty of women have figured out a way to make the costume appealing and sexy.

6. Princess Leia

6. Princess Leia

Whether or not Princess Leia returns for the new Star Wars movie to be released this December, is up for debate. But what isn’t is her success in the cosplay world and the popularity of the gold bikini. We can guarantee you that this will be one of the most popular costumes for the next few years.

5. Poison Ivy

5. Poison Ivy 560x840

Green leaves implies a lack of clothing underneath. It is human nature, everyone will think that way so don’t even try to dispute it. Nope, don’t do it.

4. Minions

4. Minion 560x560

How and why comes to mind. The bigger question is, who thought this was a good idea to begin with let alone help it to become a trend?

3. Maleficent

3. Maleficent 560x560

When Angelina Jolie took on the role of the evil Maleficent last year, the costumes started to grow and eventually become the most popular Disney costume in recent memory.

2. Storm Troopers

2. Storm Troopers

If you can make Darth Vader sexy, chances are you can make a Storm Trooper sexy too.

1. Harley Quinn

1. Harley Quinn 560x1094

Suicide Squad is set to release next August and it marks the first time we will see Harley Quinn on the big screen. Margot Robbie, and many of you will remember her as the Wolf of Wall Street’s sexy Naomi Lapaglia, will play Harley. The cosplay favorite has been around for so long that the costumes are already available as they come flying off the shelves this year.