Audrey Kitching: Sexy Fashion Blogger

Audrey Kitching 2 560x373

Audrey Kitching (Twitter) is about to change your freaking world. If you haven’t heard about her yet, that is OK, you aren’t alone. The fashion designer, model, and blogger (style editor for Buzznet) has been online since she was 14 years old but for those of us who don’t follow the fashion world, she is as fresh as a baby tomato.

Her bright pink hair is her trademark. Nylon Magazine even talked about it mentioning her Lisa Frank vibe and love of kittens. Sorry it took so long for everyone to meet her, but this is now your chance to see what a truly beautiful young woman looks like. Take a stroll through her gallery and see for yourself if you don’t believe us. After all, it is her birthday today. Enjoy.