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We’d Fight Evil Exes for Mary Elizabeth Winstead

winsteadYou’ve probably seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead up there on the big screen, whether it was as a grown up Lucy McClane in Die Hard 4, the cheerleader from Death Proof or as the super hot villain in the family friendly superhero film Sky High.

But this summer, her career seems set to explode when she takes to the screen as Ramona, Michael Cera’s love interest in the new Edgar Wright comic book adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs The World. In the film (and we’re not giving away anything that the awesome trailers haven’t already shown), Cera’s titular hero falls in love with the gorgeous Ramona but soon learns he has to fight, and defeat, her seven evil exes in order to win her heart.

With Scott Pilgrim opening on August 13, we figured it was the perfect time to put Ms. Winstead on display and ask you: would you fight seven evil exes for her?

(Of course you would.)

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