The Deschanel Sisters : Zooey and Emily

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One is an indie flick goddess who loves playing the ultimate unattainable girl. The other is a small screen siren who has mastered the smart, sexy nerdish girl. They are the sisters Deschanel – Zooey and Emily – and both are sizzling. With her latest film 500 Days of Summer garnering positive reviews and scooping up award nominations, Zooey is entering into A-list territory. Sadly, she has taken herself off the market by marrying some clown guy from the band Death Cab for Cutie. Major bummer.

On the plus side, Emily is still single. Her hit FOX series Bones has been kicking ass for five years. She’s a vegan and staunch animal rights supporter. So, don’t take her out for a steak dinner, then back to your place to watch Michael Vick highlights. Just some friendly advice. Anyway, it’s time to give these scintillating siblings a little pub. They might not be the hottest chicks in all the land, and neither has been caught in the nude (damn!), but both are pretty effing money!

First, a trailer for the excellent 500 Days of Summer:

And the trailer for another Zooey movie, All the Real Girls:

Now, a sappy Bones montage:

And a clip of Emily in, Boogeyman:

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