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The Babes of G4 cover E3

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Okay, eyes front for a moment before we get into the pictorial wonderness below. G4 TV is the geek channel in the never ending sea of cable channels. From the uber cool Ninja Warrior to the aptly titled, Movies That Don’t Suck. G4 is fully aware of their target audience. Namely…us! For original programming G4 has two stand out shows and three lovely ladies in the mix. Since the geek world’s attention is currently turned towards G4 and their coverage of E3, we figured it was time to revisit these fine young ladies.

First up we have the incredibly gorgeous Morgan Webb of X-Play fame.


Isn’t it nice to see a girl who enjoys a good joystick with her futuristic clothing? I thought so. Plus she is actually very intelligent and actually likes playing video games. A win win situation if there ever was one.

768 morgan webb 021

And lets be honest here gentlemen. This smoking hot body really doesn’t hurt. Apparently, there is some guy who co hosts the show with her. His name escapes me at the moment.

morgan webb pics 006

After that we come to Attack Of The Show with the exotic Olivia Munn. This dark haired amazon has been stealing geek souls from  the day she appeared on this program. She has this incredible figure with the soul of a complete nerd.


Can you imagine this body doing the Truffle Shuffle from Goonies? She did it.

olivia munn hot 560x480

How about jumping into a huge cream pie on live television? Yep! She did that too. This is the kind of woman that is usually made up in comics and whatnot. Now she’s a breathing living doll. Thank you, God!


Finally, we come to Alison Haislip. While Alison doesn’t host a show of her own, she does fill in for Olivia once in a while and does other programming for G4. This is the girl next door. You can see yourself parked on the couch, drinking beer and playing Prince Of Persia with Alison.

alison2 597

During her time on the channel she has gone to a gun rally where she fired automatic weapons at a car until it blew up. She is famous for going to comic shows to make the fat, sweaty nerds sweat more than usual. One of these days she’s gonna make one of them spontaneously combust.

photo 024 large 560x420

Add to that she has named and fondled her boobs on Attack Of The Show. Has shown a penchant for chugging beer and just looks incredibly good and you have my favorite of the female invasion on G4.

photo 070 large

For more on the lovely ladies of G4, see our previous feature, with tons more photos!

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