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Sarah Silverman : Funny and Sexy?

Sarah Silverman 560x355Sarah Silverman is just one of those girls that we have a hard time figuring out. On a sexy scale based purely on looks, she may not rank too highly in the world. At the same time, just as a pure comedian, she wouldn’t rank too highly on the funny list either. Its packaging the two together that really seems to work for us. A sexy comedian who talks dirty makes her much hotter in our book.

To make your own determination, you can check out her show, The Sarah Silverman Program, which returns Thursday night on Comedy Central. We even have some DVDs to give away, if you get a chance to check out that link. Now to help you determine her hotness, we present a ridiculous amount of photos:

…and of course there is this :

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Sarah Silverman 560x355
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