Rosalia Verne has her own Airbags

rosalia verne 11 200x300Rosalia Verne is another busty Polish model, like Ewa Sonnet, who is fond of posing her all natural body on the Internet. In other words, she’s eager to show her big assets to you . Or at least she was fond. Like too many young women, it seems she has moved on from such work, leaving behind only a small amount of pictures as evidence of her work. At least what she did leave for us is pretty nice to look at. And let’s be realistic, it’s all we have, at least until she (maybe) reconsiders her options.

The 19 year old has the potential to be one of those famous Internet stars like Denise Milani, but she’s all but disappeared from the scene. Since I’m not around Poland, I can’t tell you what she’s up to. Given her youth, there’s any number of possibilities, but also a decent chance that she changes her mind in the future. Maybe we haven’t seen the last of her…

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