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Rocío Guirao Díaz : Argentine Beauty

rocio guirao diaz 103 216x300Rocío Guirao Díaz is yet another Argentine beauty just like countrywoman Carolina Ardohain, who finds work as a fashion model and a part time television hostess. She’s also appeared on Bailando por un sueño (the Argentine version of Dancing with the Stars), which I find disturbing in that Dancing with Stars has spread worldwide. Of all the things American can export, I’d rank crappy reality shows pretty far down the list. But in this case, at least in featured Ms. Díaz .

Anyhow, back on point. The twenty four year old was born in Buenos Aires and is absolutely gorgeous with noticeable curves at the right places. To help you “better know” this Argentine model, here are a few pages of photos to peruse at your pleasure:

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