Olga Farmaki : The Poison Woman

tumblr m3hdznAylr1qhw1yoo1 1280 560x336Olga Farmaki is a top Greek model and an exotic beauty who has been one of the most active Playboy models (for the Southern European versions of the magazine) in the past few years. Unfortunately she is not that active lately and rumors say the main reason for her recent inactivity is that she is getting ready to say “YES” to her boyfriend. She has also been a co-host of some of the most popular TV shows in Greece, while she tried her vocal skills as well in a sleazy collaboration with one of the worst Greek rappers in history.

In her spare time she also enjoys giving us training tips for a sexier body and she makes sure to do so in the most pleasant and seductive way for the male population.

Even though we terribly miss her sexy photo shoots and covers in the most popular magazines of the region, her glorious past will never let us forget about the “woman poison” named Olga Farmaki (Farmaki in Greek means Poison).

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