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National Go Topless Day

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Did you know that today, Sunday, August 25th is National Go Topless Protest day? Organized by GoTopless.org (NSFW), it’s a group founded on the belief that women have the same constitutional right to be bare-chested in public places as men. To protest the current inequality in the law, women around the United States are encouraged to bare their breasts today. To fight the establishment, women are no longer willing to be forced to wear something to hide their chests. And they no longer want to be arrested, fined, humiliated, or criminalized for such actions.

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We at Gunaxin can get behind such a movement, particularly one which helps women “perceive their breasts as noble, natural parts of their anatomy.” You can find more information on the event at GoTopless.org, and you can find more appreciation for bare breasts right here. Tastefully done, of course. But remember, as GoTopless warns, don’t forget to protect your breasts with sunscreen!

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