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Minka Kelly : The Value of Derek Jeter

Minka Couch

Mrs. Jeter?

Coming in as the newbie on the Gunaxin Sports scene, I’m still reading the audience… just a bit, but I’m taking notes and there is no denying certain topics pull more attention than others.

Namely tail. You like girls, you like girls that look good, and you like girls to look good on whatever you are “reading” every day.

As a sports guy I see one primary option to help me get in that mix. To be honest, it may be that I’m viewing her as “primary” because she’s what I think about every time the name “Derek Jeter” hits my ears… and lately, folks have been talking about Derek Jeter a ton (see below).

Most are wondering if Jeter is worth the money (and if the Yankees decide he’s not, who will?)… I’m wondering why we care when he’s not even the most interesting topic in his own relationship.

Minka Kelly… recently crowned “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine. Not sure why we haven’t had a gallery for her up yet, but we haven’t… I’m overjoyed to take the honors, so here ya’ go. Sorry for the wait.

Minka Kelly 261 560x231


Esquire names Minka¬† Kelly “Sexiest Woman Alive”.
– “Friday Night Lights” on Hulu.
Jeter and Minka go to the movies!
Orioles need to sign Minka Kelly.
Yankees increase contract offer for Jeter.

Minka Kelly 27 560x420

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