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The Many Looks of Tara Reid

Tara ReidEveryone’s favorite American Pie girl, Tara Reid, turns 38 today. We shit you not, she’s 38, and we’re officially old. How do we celebrate birthdays around here? Normally with a post of the hottest Tara Reid photos, but that has already been done here at Gunaxin. In fact, we spent so much time and effort building that gallery for you back in 2011, we haven’t been able to find too many photos we could add on top.

So instead, we bring to you a look back at the many faces of Tara Reid. Back in 1998, we all witnessed Tara on the big screen in The Big Lebowski. Then came Urban Legends, American Pie, etc… The once sexy Tara Reid has become a shell of her former self and even she isn’t sure what she is anymore. Without airbrushing, you likely don’t want to see her in a bikini any longer. It might be time to take a look over the years and compare for ourselves.

1998 – The Big Lebowski

1998 560x420

1999 – American Pie

1999 560x315

2000 – Maxim


2001 – Josie and the Pusscats

HRD josie and the pussycats 560x420

2002 – Maxim

2002 maxim

2002 – Van Wilder

2002 van wilder 560x315

2003 – Razor

2003 razor 560x705

2004 – FHM

2004 FHM 560x748

2004 – Scrubs

scrubs serie tv 80 g 560x426

2004 – Stuff

2004 stuff 560x372

2005 – Vegas

2005 vegas 560x372

2005 – Stuff

2005 Stuff 560x372











2010 – Playboy

2010 playboy1 560x841




2012 560x819

2012 – American Reunion

tara reid american reunion


2013 560x443

2013 – Sharnado

Sharknado Tara Reid mouth open 560x336

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