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Karen Mulder : Dutch Sensation

karen mulder38 240x300In our ongoing effort to profile all the Victoria’s Secret Angels past and present, today we are going to go old school and look at Karen Mulder.

Mulder’s a Dutch model that was an Angel from 1998-1999, right before her abrupt retirement from modeling in 2000. After she stopped modeling, Mulder dabbled in other careers, making her debut in the French short film A Theft, One Night and also pursuing a career in music. Unfortunately she had limited success. Ultimately she suffered from depression and admitted to hating being photographed, leading to some rough years in early 2000s.

Age 43 now, she’s looking fit and happy, so hopefully we’ve seen the worst. Because she stopped modeling in 2000, many of her photos are a bit old and fuzzy. But we can still show you the best we can of Karen Mulder:

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