Candace Rae : Girl we met on Twitter

candace rae 135 199x300People sometimes ask us why we use Twitter, because honestly nobody cares what the hell we are doing. I try to tell them it’s a networking thing, a way to meet people, make connections. Take Candace Rae for example. Where else do you get a chance to communicate directly with a girl like this? Now granted the person operating her Twitter account could be her 40 year-old male publicist, but in our fantasy, we’re going to assume it’s really her. Hell, she even maintains a blog, so she is working it on a few different fronts.

Candace is a Model and COO of MissOnline, and has been featured by AskMen, Playboy, and is currently up for the title of Hometown Hottie on (go vote for her). Candace was born in Winnipeg, Canada, but she’s a real world traveler. She’s lived in Bermuda, Malaysia, and Australia. Her looks are a reflection of her French and Italian descent. Learn more about Candace as she answers Gunaxin’s Six Questions.

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